Monday, September 1, 2008

:: passing ::

so ... i have a very large exam tomorrow so won't write much... i love this picture and i hope everyone does as well...


Julie said...

There is so much here to look at. Firstly, for me the image is absolutely MADE by the red kayak and its silver wake!

But I am also a bit of a tragic for a rotunda and that is a glorious specimen on the rise.

Now for the brick tower! How on earth did that come into existence? What was it used for? There must be some tremendous view in front of this house as there are some many vantage points.

Yep ... engrossing image.

BTW ... my regards for tomorrow!

andrew|foderaro said...

thanks for the great response... here is some info on the lighthouse ... and thanks for the regards... will need them ... first test of second year med school... think it will be a doozy

ben wideman said...

Drew, just got my first taste of your new website. LOVE IT! Keep up the good work.

Hilda said...

I love it too! Wouldn't it be fabulous to live in that house?

I hope you did well in your exam!