Saturday, September 13, 2008

:: living ::

a picture of an apartment building in my local area of philadelphia, east falls ... the childhood home of princess grace kelly as well as an area where governor ed rendell has a house and where chaim potok had a house when he was living ... it is quite a nice area to live as it is a short train, car, or my choice bike ride into downtown and close to the neat area known as manayunk... if anyone makes it out to philly this is a nice area to check out!


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Virginia said...

Very eerie, regardless of who lived there. YOu got a mood going on on this one for sure.

Blognote said...

A beautiful photo indeed!!
I know the area well, as I visited the Albert Barnes Museum there. Nice area for cycling and also to visit the Barnes Villa which contains a beautiful collection of paintings of the main European Impressionists!

Monica said...

Oooh! I like this one. :-)