Friday, August 29, 2008

:: transition ::

after my post about the wolves i thought it was only fitting to show a little more "wild dog" (or not so wild dog) pictures... the other day i took the picture of the puppy up top... i was walking down the street and he was tied to a chair by a little shop... he looked SO happy and his love for life made me radiate... this then made me think of my own dog holly, who is the beautiful pomeranian that you see... i have been much blessed to know her for 11 years and as animals do for many people she has been like a family member... she is also incredibly photogenic which is awesome... well that was my transition from the joy of the wild to the incredible joy and beauty of domestic animals!


Tash said...

what a cutie! Loved all your photos & look forward to many more.

Kim said...

That little one's photo is sure a day brightener. And your dog is a stunner. She looks soft and regal.
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